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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I responsible for testing my system?

Yes, to ensure the proper functionality and operation of your system it is recommended that you test your system every 30 days

How often should I change my batteries?

Batteries have an average lifespan of 5-7 years. Your system monitors each batteries voltage. Replace as necessary.

Wireless Battery Chart

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Is my account history and information available to me online?

Yes. With your account number and verbal passcode, Please visit
Please contact us to make any changes to your account information.

What brand of security equipment will Nighthawk Security install?

Generally, Honeywell; however, we offer other suppliers to fit all your security needs.

Can Nighthawk use existing equipment in my home or business?

In most cases we can if the system is compatible. Please contact us for more information.

Do I own my equipment?

Typically yes.

What does the Nighthawk warranty include?

Installation and service are covered for 90 days and equipment warranties can vary from one to three years. Service plans may be customized to fit your needs.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes. Follow the “Pay Online” button on the bottom of your invoice. If you do not have this feature, please contact us to activate. There are no additional fees for this service.

Future Customers FAQ

Do I need a phone line or internet connection?

A phone line or internet connection are not necessary, but can be used as a means of communication to the Central Station. Nighthawk recommends cellular communications for security reasons.

Is a contract required?

Typically yes, but Nighthawk Security is willing to setup programs for all of those interested in getting a security system.

Does Nighthawk Security charge for false alarms?

No, Nighthawk Security does not charge for false alarms. In fact, we recommend to our customers that they contact us in the event of any false alarm so we can assist them in preventing false alarms in the future. Please check with your local government on ordinances.

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