ProSeries Combo Wireless Smoke/Heat and CO Detector


Honeywell Home ProSeries Wireless Smoke/Heat and CO Detector.

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  • A two-way, professionally monitored, wireless, combination smoke/heat and carbon monoxide (CO) detector.  Using four sensing elements, this device provides true multi-threat detection and reacts fast to real danger—while helping to reduce false alarms. A photo-electric chamber senses airborne smoke particulates while an electro-chemical sensor monitors the CO bi-product produced by slow smoldering fires. FEATURES
  • Multi-Criteria Sensing: uses four sensing elements to react faster while minimizing false alarms: – Photoelectric smoke sensor detects airborne smoke particles – Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensor detects smoldering fires – Infrared (IR) sensor measures ambient light and flame signatures, such as flame flicker – Thermal detection monitors for dangerous rise in temperature
  • CO Detector End-of-Life reporting (detector needs replacing)
  • Smoke detector maintenance reporting (detector needs cleaning)
  • Low Battery Detection
  • Voice Status of Smoke/CO/Battery Life
  • Listed to UL standard 2075
  • Supervised
  • Local sounder and Voice annunciation is English or Spanish
  • Dual LED’s
  • Test/Hush buttons
  • Surface mount to wall or ceiling
  • Optional drywall anchors included
  • Contains a 85dB piezoelectric horn which generates the ANSI S3.41 temporal 4 pattern for CO alarm and temporal 3 pattern for smoke/thermal alarm.


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